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tv   News Ch8 Today at 6AM  NBC  February 26, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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well good morning and thank you for watching news channel 8 today. i'm gayle guyardo. >> and i'm gene ramirez. we begin with breaking news on this friday morning. new information about the shooting rampage at a kansas manufacturerring plant. cedric ford is accused of killing three people and wounding 14 others at excel industries. police shot and killed ford. on his facebook page, ford claims he is from miami. and a house fire in clearwater. flames broke out in the kitchen
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two people suffered smoke inhalation. we are making calls to find out how serious their injuries are. and let's get a check on the weather. a nice cool down for the weekend. >> yeah, in fact, returning to winter, even though it's still february. back to temperatures and we would expect sort of our coldest part of the year in january. 39 in zephyrhills right now. cool in clearwater, 52. but 49 in fish hawk. and 46 in plant city. and milder in sarasota at 54. but we are warmer or excuse me, cooler in most places than this time yesterday. lakeland, nine degrees colder than 6:00 yesterday morning. clearwater about four degrees cooler. brandon, seven degrees cool. and -- cooler. and i expect another batch from the north so highs today only 62. that's well below the average of 74. and colder night tonight with a low of 42. at 6:08 in weather and traffic on the 8s, i walk you hour-by- hour through friday and then tell you about the weekend because really that's all
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a cool one too. >> yes. well, right now, we don't have a bad drive at all. a great look at pinellas county on 275. no delays. and let's move over to travel times through ybor city, seven minutes. veterans expressway still holding on to a good drive ehrlich to 275, only 10 minutes. i promised you downtown tampa. look at this, off the howard franklin bridge into downtown, just four minutes. and then bearss avenue to i-4, southbound on 275 into downtown, that's only nine minutes on your commute. that's a look at weather and traffic. and now back to gene and gayle. >> thank you. happening today, an effort to protect your financial information at the pump. we're talking about gas station skimmers. it's an ongoing problem 8 on your side has been reporting on in the bay area for months. >> and now one local police department is fighting back. 8 on your side's ryan hughs is live in sarasota this morning. ryan, later this morning, police will try to stop more scammers but it's still a big problem for all of us.
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in just a few hour, police will start right here at this shell the devices. right now, if you put your credit or debit card in a machine like this and it's compromised, unfortunately it's all on you. 8 on your side found there's still more the state could do to stop this. the devices are put inside the pump to try to steal personal information from our credit cards. right now the state is considering putting more rules in place to stop this but legislation is still making its way through the senate and the those rules include stricter penalties for criminals responsible and requiring the gas stations to take more steps to protect our security. right now, if a scammer gets your information, as i mentioned, the burden is on you. >> my credit card has been stolen six times, or was in 2015. >> reporter: and of course, we see this way too often. and at 10:00 this morning, the sarasota police department will
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area, including this one. and gayle, 8 on your side has a running list of your all the gas stations in the bay area that have had these skimmers installed, unknowing to a lot of people. at this point, gayle, it's 30 and probably going up. >> well, i guess what is confusing is if they have to open up the pumps to find if there's a skimmer in there, how are we supposed to be so vigilant? they're tough to spot these days. we're hearing from the mom who lied to police about her 3- year-old son being in the back of a stolennen car. listen so what she had to say walking out of jail. >> i'm sorry for all of this. i really do apologize to the media for making everybody worry about my child. but it's something i went happen again. >> that's the mother. police report that lead clearwater police on a wild goose chase to find her little boy. she is now facing various
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911 system and filing a police report. now during the search for the 3- year-old boy, a driver joined in to the chase to try and find that stolen car with the boy inside. his name is charles long. there he is right there. now he was swerving in and out of police cruisers and going 58 miles per hour and ended up crashing into the back of a police cruiser. long told police he wanted to be a police officer and be part of the pursuit. well now he is facing reckless driving charges. in your vote, time is ticking towards super tuesday. and this morning we are hearing and reading a lot of retox the final republican presidential debate leading up to that big decisive day. the big talker from the night, senators marco rubio and ted cruz ganging up on donald trump. senator rubio struck first. >> i watched him repeat himself five times four weeks ago -- >> i saw you repeat yourself five times five seconds ago. [ applause ] >> don't worry, the donald got
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that was just one of the many exchanges between our senator and trump. news channel 8's lindsey mastis is following this for us live from the tampa news center this morning. and no doubt about it, the gloves are off. >> reporter: that's right, gayle. gop debate is trending on twitter here in tampa right now. and our state senator marco rubio is getting a lot of attention for his performance, essentially going after trump, even bringing up some sore points for the front-runner. >> know anything about it because you're a lousy -- >> well, i don't know anything about bankrupting four companies either. [ applause ] >> i don't know anything about starting a fake university. >> one at a time. >> firstover all -- >> reporter: political experts believe now is the time to step it up against trump or go home. senator rubio is not even winning in here in his home state so he has to make a change before the primary just a few weeks away. but first, we have super tuesday when people in a dozen
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ted cruz's home state, texas. senator ted cruz got into similar experts changes with trump during this and debates. the strategy seems to be working because according to the latest poll, senator cruz has 38% of the support in texas and trump and senator rubio are battling it out for second place. now other polls show trump and senator cruz neck in neck in texas. so you can bet we will keep a close eye on this. and as soon as we get closer, happens. according to experts, if trump beats his competitors in their in. if not, we could head into the republican national convention without a solid nominee. it's getting interesting. >> and it seemed last night it was like watching a three-man debate. thank you, lindsey. this morning, people in charlotte county are hoping for help. they are cleaning up after this week's tornado. governor rick scott toured the
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he is assessing the damage to determine if he can request federal aid. one victim is a veteran. he explains he thought he was hit. >> we just said, god, if this is our time, just let us be with you. that's what we said because we thought it was that bad. we thought the winds was going to suck us up. >> that storm damaged dozens of county. some people are cleaning up and thankfully that kind of weather is gone for now. >> yeah, we have sunshine in the forecast for the next several days. which will take us all the way through the weekend. so that's certainly some good news. and now let me walk you through the next several hours because we're going stow start in the upper 40s -- going to start in the upper 40s. it's going to feel chilly. and it's actually not that breezy now but during the day, i expect the winds to get stronger. not as strong as yesterday but a cool breeze nonetheless. 58 at noon. 62 around 3:00 p.m. and then falling quickly
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and that's really topping our headlines. low 60s both today and tomorrow. with 30s and a few 40s at night. sunshine though as i mentioned, mostly clear skies into early next week. and we do warm up, back into the upper 70s by tuesday and wednesday. so notice this cool stretch of weather, 62 today. 64 tomorrow. and even by sunday, 70 and then 73 monday. we will check in now on traffic on the 8s. people need to get to work. not the too bad. it's a lot better. we had a few incidents. never had an issue where you've been slowed down. a couple overnight construction detours. and those have cleared. ybor city 301 to 257, six minutes here. and away from plant city to mcintosh, five minutes. a live look at traffic or the lack there of it, looks good. 275 at fowler avenue, more vehicles on the roadway but still wonderful speeds here, about 65 miles per hour. that's a weather and traffic on the 8s. back -- that's a look at weather and traffic on the 8s.
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>> thank you so much. it's your chance to win universal tickets. >> all you have to do is be the eighth caller. 1-855-420-9352. pick up the phone and call. if you're the eighth caller, you win. >> the number again, 1-855-420- 9352. please remember to dial 1 before 855. it's a free call. if you don't win this time, you will get another chance in the next half hour. another blow for seaworld. >> ahead, what the theme park is now confessing to that has animal rights activists mad. and a group of bay area women take the python challenge. plus, an eight is side alert as you think about spending time outside with your kids or pets. the bay area location where a rabies alert is now in effect.
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an 8 on your side alert about the safety of you and your family pets. health department officials in hillsborough county are on alert after finding rabid cats near neighborhoods. we are talking about two separate cases in two weeks. news channel 8's adrienne pedersen joins us now from town and country. adrienne, a lot of people feed stray cats and don't think anything of it but it could be dangerous. >> reporter: that's right.
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a warning not to get too close. and now people in the area are getting fliers just like this one and that's because someone here at mallory square apartments did get too close and got bit by a cat that tested positive for rabies. and now and you your kids really need to be careful, especially this weekend. we're under a 60 day alert here in hillsborough county. let's pull up the map on the screen so you know exactly the area we're talking about. so check out the boundaries of tampa bay trail, hillsborough avenue, west waters avenue and southern bend. this is the area. and now the other cat tested positive citrus park. we did put more information on the exact boundary as well as what to do if you get bit by an animal you think has rabies. and you know, we hear about rabies now and then but i'm doing research this morning and it can be deadly so we need to careful. >> yeah, going into the weekend, we especially want to
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kids because they might be tempted, if they come across them. it could be deadly. thank you. this morning, a troubling confession from seaworld. the company admits employees activists. this comes after peta accused a seaworld worker of infiltrating the group to get intel. the company's ceo's claims the spying was to, quote, maintain the safety of customers and animals. he did not apologize but promises it will stop. crittism of seaworld's killer whales program increased after a documentary. a former bp supervisor is off the hook. a jury found him not guilty of a pollution charge. prosecutors accuse him and another supervisor of botching a negative pressure test on the deep water horizon rig before it exploded. the disaster killed 11 workers and spilled millions of gallons
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in an 8 on your side health alert, a warning for parents about a pesky problem that can run rampant in our schools and homes, lice. have you heard of super lice? the bugs are resistant to the main chemical in over the counter treatments. so far it's spread to 25 states including florida. experts explain we don't need to panic. it's not a health hazard and doesn't transmit disease. >> it's nothing to be ashamed of. we till the kids here, it's not your fault. somebody gave it to you. >> here's how experts say it can be avoided. do not share hair brushes or hats. wash clothing and linens in hot water. and don't be afraid to ask for a prescription treatment. well we will soon learn how many pythons were captured during the python challenge. it's not only destructive but elusive. news channel 8's lindsey mastis shows us it's difficult to find
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>> i have never wanted to touch one or anything. >> reporter: but after beth learned how, she couldn't wait to do it in the wild. >> you would think you have to be big and strong to get the snake. no, it's about the technique. once you get them there, you can live capture. >> reporter: she is part of a team of tampa bay women. they spent several weekends participating in the florida fish and wildlife python challenge. >> they're decimating the wildlife down there. >> reporter: the team leader hopes the hunt will bring national attention to the problem. >> we saw one squirrel. we saw two raccoons. we didn't see one possum. there's hardly any mammals left down there. >> reporter: but hunting pythons isn't as easy as it seems. >> we saw black racer, a lot of rattlesnakes but no pythons. >> got to be brave for that. according to florida fish and wildlife, when you see a python in the wild, it means you have probably passed about a hundred of them.
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and we will find out tomorrow just how many pythons were captured altogether. >> scary stuff. >> i don't want to go out there. >> the you only see one out of every hundred. >> yeah, exactly. i'm glad someone has the guts to do it. i certainly will not. new york city just going out -- this morning, you will need the jacket. but you need the jacket all day. winds pick back up through the lunchtime hour. 58 degrees, no, still nice and sunny. and despite that sunshine, we are about the 10 degrees or more below average today with a high of just 62 degrees. so zephyrhills, now 39 degrees. tampa is 54. plant city is 46. really a wide range of temperatures from the low to mid-40s many the inland areas to close to 60 near the coast. and i just checked in with my weather watcher betty in plant city. she says it's 45 at her house. and right now, the winds are light, less than 5 miles per hour. again, i expect this area of
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colder air so that the winds will pick back up through the day. and that's why i only expect highs in crystal river at 59. only a high in brandon of 63. only hit 60 in st. pete. 64 in bartow. 60 in largo. but tonight it's the going to be a colder night. check out the 30s. 38 temple terrace. how about 40 in wesley chapel. 39 in plant city. 38 in brandon. 42 in tampa. and 41 in sarasota. again, tonight is the coldest night of the cold snap. still cool on saturday. and 70 on sunday. next week. leslee, how about traffic on the 8s? well, looks like we're following a possible fatal crash in polk county. here. just north of the winter haven area on 1792. blocked. here's what you need to know if
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route into winter haven. you turn off to take lake george to lock street and then back on to 2. we have meliek on let's look. you can see there's one police vehicle out there. an investigation now underway. all those southbound lanes on 1792 are blocked. that's a look at weather and traffic on the 8s. back to gene and gayle. to tampa bay. it's delicious. >> the item you will wind up when you visit the attraction. and jetblue's social experiment aboard one flight. how the airline got more than 100 strangers to agree on one thing and the amazing price
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with all the division in washington politics, one
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social experiment to see how agreeable people really are. jet flu offered a free round- trip ticket anywhere around the world but passengers had to agree on the destination. they were all happy to agree on costa rica. have you been? >> yeah, it's nice. >> zip line? >> yeah, zip lined, white water raft. >> yeah. >> still fun. well, who can say no to a cupcake? i know i can't. >> it's tempting. how about a cupcake atm. yeah, you heard that right. there it is. sprinkles cupcakes is opening a bakery and atm in hyde park village this spring. all do is touch the screen, make your election, swipe your card and wait for it, there's your cupcake. and they restock throughout the day so you always get a fresh one. >> what's going to be in hyde park up the street from us, so we should go. >> we can walk over there. weather and traffic on eight is three minutes away. this behind the scenes view
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the video that's giving us a look at a day in the life of tampa police officers. you're watching news channel 8
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6:28 now. just getting kids up and heading them out to the bus stop. it will be cooler for them this morning with a lighter breeze. upper 40s. however, it's actually going to get cooler throughout the day, a high of 62 and the breezes will be stronger. so yes, emoji man says winter has returned. in fact, it's going to be another cool day tomorrow. and there is a warming trend into next week. leslee, how about traffic on the 8s? well, a possible fatal crash southbound on 1792 and all the lanes are blocked.
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into winter haven, heads up, you will hit delayings here. you are taken off on to lake george and then lock street brings you back down on 1792. and a new crash in the wesley chapel area, state road 54 right at wesley chapel boulevard in lanes. (music playing) i feel pretty (west side story) not every cake can be handcrafted in store by skilled decorators layered with fresh berries and frosted to perfection like our publix bakery chantilly cake it'll be remembered for all the right reasons.
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ba da ba ba ba good friday morning. welcome to news channel 8 today. i'm gene ramirez. >> and i'm gayle guyardo. we start with breaking news. a deadly workplace shooting in rural kansas kills three innocent victims and leads to the death of the shooter. >> gunfire erupted inside a lawnmower plant. employees ran, scared for their lives. >> it didn't matter who it was, he had no specific target. he just shooting anyone that got in his way. >> well right now, 14 people are injure. in about four minute, we will have a full report explaining the shooter's connection to florida.
6:31 am
in tampa. candidates came to verbal bless during the final debate before super tuesday and they have -- verbal blows during the final debate before super tuesday and they have a lot on the line. senators marco rubio and ted cruz must both win their home states if they have any shot of winning their nomination against donald trump. and seaworld is confessing to spying on animal rights activists. this comes after peta accused a seaworld worker of infiltrating their group to get intel. the ceo claims it was meant to keep animals and customers safe. we need to bundle up. >> that's right. we still have about 25, 26 minutes before the sunrises but it's beginning to brighten up. this is around the freedom plaza. 55 degrees, a light wind at this point. it's 52 in clearwater. fish hawk, you're around 50.
6:32 am
and like i said, pretty light winds now. that's allowing us to be even colder than yesterday. brandon is nine degrees colder than around 6:30 yesterday. four degrees cooler in clearwater. seven degrees cooler in plant city. and we will see another rush of cooler air during the day today. so i will bring the wind speeds back up at the northwest at 15 miles per hour so highs today hit 62. so 6:38, an eight-day temperature trend for you and we go up and down again so you will want to stay tuned for that. but hopefully things are more smooth on the roads. we have the possible fatal accident in polk county. you see mostly green on the roadway. a little spot of orange southbound 275 around bush boulevard. but let's talk about this disabled vehicle in lanes. actually state road 54 at wesley chapel, down to 23 miles per hour there. and big issue going on 1792 southbound, all lanes are
6:33 am
this is north of winter haven. again, see where the vehicle just exited, that's buena vista. you are taken around the crash and this is a possible fatal. an investigation going on. vehicle actually hit an rv that was parked in a lot. that's a look at weather and traffic. back to gene and gayle. >> thank you. an all-out effort from one local police department to keep your money and personal information safe. now starting in just a few hour, officers in sarasota will check gas pumps for those skimmers we keep hearing about. it's a problem we have been reporting on across the bay area for months now. 8 on your side's ryan hughs is now live from sarasota. ryan, police want us to be extra careful when we stop to fill up. we keep saying this over and over again. >> reporter: hey, good morning. right now, the burden is on us, the consumer if we use a credit card and it's compromised at a gas pump like the one behind me and the police department want to warn people what to look for. and that's why they'll be
6:34 am
and 8 on your side has been all over the issue. we have reported on a number of incidents involving skimmers recently including one at the exxon on tamiami trail earlier this month. the goal of the sneaky devices is to get your card information. and according to the agriculture commissioner, scammers are getting better and better at this and now they don't even have to come back to the pumps. >> the latest version of the technology is actually blue tooth. so they don't have to return to the scene of the crime to retree their device that contains the -- retrieve their device that contains the data that they stole from you. >> reporter: and of course, this is a big problem for all of us and that's why people are taking it seriously. the sarasota police department will be at three gas stations in the city this morning starting at 10:00 including the one behind me, this shell. and gene, we have compiled a list of all the gas stations in the bay area where these things have been found.
6:35 am
you can find that list at back to you. >> 30 so far, that's incredible, ryan. thank you. well breaking news this morning, we are learning the man suspected of killing three and wounding more than a dozen others during a mass shooting in kansas has ties to south florida. >> yeah, the sheriff there believest it's a case of workplace violence. the gunman is now dead along with three innocent victims. >> an employee at the lawn care company describes the gunman as a friend and can't believe he would do this. news channel 8s lindsey mastis is now live in the tampa news center. florida? >> reporter: well, an employee ford. and when we found his facebook page, he posted miami as his hometown. take a look at this video posted to his facebook page. months ago. it shows him firing a weapon and we do not know whether this is the weapon used in the shooting but at least one witness describes seeing him gun down victims with an assault rifle.
6:36 am
in the work day and it came as a complete surprise. >> we were already looking at him and he yelled and went -- [ imitating gunfire ] >> i saw the shell casings come out of the assault rifle. that vivid. i can still see it. >> reporter: altogether, he opened fire at four location, wounding 14 people, killing three before being killed by law enforcement. and investigators believe something set him off but they're not revealing a motive just yet. i will stay on top of the story and let you know as soon as we get more information about why he opened fire. we will have updates on our wfla news app. gayle -- >> but the sad reality, we hear far too often of these shootings. thanks, lindsey. today a victim shot to death at club rayne nightclub in tampa will be laid to rest. christopher houston was shot at the club on nebraska avenue and later died at the hospital. marvin lancaster the third was
6:37 am
he also died that night. the shooter. apple verses the fbi. today is the deadline for apple to respond to the justice department's order to help the bernardino shooter's phone. apple claims it would be forced unlock the phone. google promises to back apple by filing a friend of the court brief within the next week. our senator bill nelson is calling on apple to unlock the phone. well this is great video you've got to see. a firsthand look this morning at what tampa police officers experience on the job each and every day. now sometimes when you watch the news, police dash cam video shows unfortunate events or events of police officer, perhaps not acting in the most stand-up way. and tampa police decided to share their every day view with us. and it is definitely worth your time. now most of the time their days involve the unexpected. they see the good, the bad, the ugly out there.
6:38 am
things as simple as playing catch with a local child or simply helping someone change a tire. >> you know, these things are the things that people never see. you know, just our ability, our desire to just want to help people, to be kind to them, if i canning bikes and pushing vehicles off the side of the roadways and that sort of thing. for most of us, this is why we do this job. >> yep, they do that and a lot more. the video was posted on the tampa police facebook page and twitter. so far it's been shared thousands of times. really gives you a different look. >> great the see the video. a bay area woman is celebrating a big lottery win. the 90-year-old ruby of largo won $43 million playing the florida lotto. she purchased the ticket in seminole at a winn-dixie. she decided to take a one-time lump sum payment of more than $31 million. >> hey, aunt ruby. >> i know, we're related, you know.
6:39 am
a nice cool down for the weekend? >> yeah, ruby could give me some to keep the nice weather coming throughout the next couple days. i'll take any bribes for sure. temperatures this morning are a little cool but look at the sun toyota camera, there's also a little bit of cloud cover many spots and that's because another rush of cooler air is starting to come in. so that's why i don't expect us to warm up very much. and we will see more sunshine through the afternoon. but the breeze from the north keeping us only still at 58 at lunchtime. 62 at 3:00 p.m. night. the coldest night of the snap happens tonight. land o'lakes, 38. westchase, 42. plant city, 39. 41 in sarasota. and 42 in tampa. so again, i talked about this being the coolest day. tomorrow we're slightly warm e, saturday 64. and then the trend is to go 70 on sunday and upper 70s for wednesday. and then another cold front comes through and knocks us back below average.
6:40 am
hopefully aunt ruby will call us soon. >> i actually have an aunt ruby. >> she live in largo by any chance? >> no, she doesn't. let's look at traffic, folks. 275, off the howard franklin bridge, still looking good but hitting the brakes south on 275, bearss avenue to i-4. that's roughly a 14 minute commute here. and big issue in polk county, 1729, into winter haven, the southbound lanes are blocked. it's due to a possible fatal crash. street now. into an rv. it's all crunched up there. going on. and now the rv was parked in a rv lot, like a dealer lot. gene, gayle. >> thank you. well a family kicked off a plane. they were trying to enjoy one last trip with their dying dad. >> worse than that, some passengers started clapping and
6:41 am
coming up, the unbelieverrable reason they were forced off the plane in the first place. and a fiery scene at a hiss or the estate. we will explain why the fire is bringing up memories from a hundred years ago. but first, the 8 on your side alert that could impact your family and pets. if bay area neighborhood where
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an 8 on your side alert right here in hillsborough county, you need to hear this to make sure your family and pets are safe. two rabies cases in less than two weeks, both involving cats infected. news channel 8's adrienne pedersen is live in the town and country area where this alert is in effect right now. so adrienne, how can we protect ourselves? >> reporter: good morning, gayle. it's definitely unsettling, especially because we're not talking about raccoons or possum, no, these are cats.
6:45 am
and now here's what happened. someone got a little too close to a cat here at mallory square apartments and got bit. that cat tested positive for rabies. and let's pull up a map of the area we're talking about. take a look here. the boundaries of tampa bay trail, hillsborough avenue, west waters avenue and southern bend. this is the area we're worried about. and now the other cat with rabies was in citrus park. so this alert lasts for 60 days. we did ask officials with the health department if they're concerned about other possible rabid cats in the area. they tell us they don't think there are any but of course you can never be too sure, especially with the weekend, we want to make sure the kids are safe outside. >> and it's easy, you see a cute cat and you want to pet it. you can't be too safe. today a zephyrhills couple is sharing a very different story about guantanamo bay cuba. they reached out to me after seeing president barack obama announce his plan to close the
6:46 am
they met at the u.s. naval base in guantanamo back in the mid- 90s. and now they are married and have a son. the couple remembers life on the base before it housed war criminals and they're hopeful it will return to what it once was. >> those detainees are bad guys. that's a really nice place. they don't deserve that place. they deserve fort eleven worth kansas where it's cold and miserable. >> that's ron roach. he was a private contractor then. they shared pictures with me of boat parties and parade, all in guantanamo. when they lived there, the base housed haitian and cuban migrants. we will have a look back at their story in our early evening newscast. >> look guard to that. 9,000 square foot, a historic estate goes up in flames and now rhode island investigators are trying to figure out what started the massive fire. you can see the flames shooting from the newport home. this is not the first time a
6:47 am
a hundred years ago in 1916, a fire at the estate left only five rooms standing. well this story is having people around here talking this morning. it's a trip that this family wishes they could soon forget. a 7-year-old boy suffers an allergic reaction while on the plane and the family is forced off the flight. he had an allergic reaction to a dog that was on the flight. the flight was headed to washington state. well, the airline says the service dog triggered the boy's hives. again, a service dog. the family says they're not upset with the airline but rather with the passengers. why? well the passengers clapped and laughed. >> that was just made me sad when my dad is dying of cancer and that was really not nice to clap atom a 7-year-old. >> yeah, heart breaking to hear him tell the story there. the family says they were
6:48 am
last trips with the dad. the airline says they stand by their decision. >> what's wrong with people? >> just sad. >> yeah, it is. >> you don't know the back story. it's your chance to win tickets to universal studios orlando. >> right now, we are giving away a pair. all you have to do is be the eighth caller. the number is on the screen, it's 1-855-420-9352. for the eighth caller, you win. >> and the number once again, 1- 855-420-9352. remember dial 1 the 855. it is a free call. good luck and if you don't win this time, no worry, you will get another chance monday morning. it's 6:48. a check on the weather with leigh. >> yeah, it's chilly this morning. but also the live look. you see this extra cloud cover here? that's because another rush of cold air is making its way here. basically a dry cold front. so we are seeing winds pick up along the coast, northwest winds at 14 miles per hour. and notice how the seas are churned up a little bit.
6:49 am
for us, you don't go near this chilly. for those who are thinking about, know there's a high risk of rip currents. 49 degrees, cooler than yesterday. 58 degrees by lunchtime. 58 degrees. and 62 around 3:00 p.m. right now it's 40 in zephyrhills. down to 54 in tampa. fish hawk, 51. dropped to 554 in clearwater. and 58 bradenton. and rich in oldsmar says it's 52 at his house. see this area of clouds? like i said, it's basically a dry cold front. even with lighter winds this morning, we never really warm up much because we're going to get the stronger winds in the afternoon. 10 to 15 degrees below average. with the coldest morning of the snap tomorrow morning, 30s and low 40s. we do see a general warm-up saturday. but next week is warmer.
6:50 am
well, it's getting busier on the roadway. this thunder sleet is 275 from bearss avenue into downtown the. that takes about 15 minutes. so southbound getting busier. this is around hillsborough. and let's talk about this particular area, that's what i was showing you, westbound i-4 busy as well through ybor city. and now we have a disabled vehicle tying up lanes here. state road 54 at wesley chapel boulevard. so keep that in mind. and let's hop over here in clearwater. this weekend, chestnut is going to be closed. that takes you from the beaches into downtown clearwater. keep that in mind, closed starting today at 9:00 a.m. let's go to meliek on the street in polk county. a possible fatal accident, folks. and this is on 1792. all the southbound lanes on 1792 are blocked at buena vista drive. hopefully it will wrap up soon. a vehicle hit an rv. and now the rv was parked in the dealership. so you are routed around it. back to gene and gayle. >> all right, leslee, thank
6:51 am
this story made my morning. hope it does the same for you. we are talking about a unicorn jailbreak. there he is. too close for comfort with the horn there. this mist creature was pulled over -- this mystical creature was pulled over on the side of the roadway in california. but this morning, she is back at home. >> i love her hair do the. >> she's a 20-year-old -- her hairdo. she is a 20-year-old pony. police say she escaped from a child's birthday party and led them on a wild unicorn chase for hours still wearing her horn. in fact, it was still on when they caught up to her. and juilet was not hurt. >> why did you have to spoil it and tell us that she was not a unicorn. i'm a believer. >> i'm not so sure. >> now we're on the same page. what you need to know before you walk out the door is next. >> including new information on that violent mass shooting in kansas. what we learned about the gunman's ties close to our home. you're watching news channel 8
6:52 am
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6:55 am
it's 6:54. this morning, we are learning more about the gunman who opened fire killing and wounding more than a dozen in kansas. >> yeah, that shooter is now identified as cedric ford. he was killed by authorities during the shooting. now according to his facebook page, miami is his hometown. and take a look at what else we found there, a video of him firing a weapon. we don't know whether this is the weapon use in the shooting. the shooting happened at a plant just north of wichita. now deputies are still working to figure out his motive for all of this. and in an all-out effort today from one local police department to keep your money and personal information safe. >> officers in sarasota will check gas pumps for skimmers. news channel 8's ryan hughs is live from the shell on south off spray avenue. >> reporter: good morning to
6:56 am
the officers will be at three gas stations here in the city including this one looking for those sneaky devices. 8 on your side has been all over this issue. we have reported on a number of incidents involving skimmers recently including one found at the exxon on tamiami trail this month. the goal of the sneaky things is to get your card information and according to official, scammers are getting better and better at this. live in sarasota, i'm ryan hughes, news channel 8. the gop debate is trending morning. candidates came to verbal blows during the final republican debate before super tuesday. line. senators marco rubio and ted cruz must both win their home states if they have any shot of nomination. well now to a story that's going viral. seaworld is confessing to activists. this comes after peta accused a
6:57 am
the group to get intel. the ceo claims the move was meant to keep customers and animals safe. a rabies alert is in place in hillsborough county after two case of infected in two weeks. this is the area we're worried about between the boundaries of tampa bay trail, hillsborough avenue, west waters avenue and southern bend. the sun is coming up now. it is chilly. 40 in zephyrhills. 55 in clearwater and tampa. 44 in apollo beach. but we don't warm up much. another rush of colder air comes in. grab your jacket. winds pick up by lunchtime, 58 degrees. by 3:00, the kids come home from school, we're 10 or more degrees below average. chilliest night is tonight. most of us in the 30s or low 40s. and saturday cool too. and then warm back up into the upper 70s next week. >> all right. looking at traffic right now, big issue in polk county
6:58 am
and this is 1792 at buena vista drive. all the southbound lanes last check were still blocked. the vehicle actually hit an rv that was parked. here's how you get around it. lets go to the shot here. and you can see a lot of activity out there. there's the rv park that the vehicle crashed into. no one was in the rv when this happened. but possible fatal crash. and you can see the crunched up car right there. and back to the maps and i will tell you how to get around this. coming down, see, it's already very busy buena vista, take off to lake george and lock street will bring you back down. but southbound very heavy 1792 through lake alfred and winter haven. and the next newscast is first at 4:00. but during the "today" show, al
6:59 am
7:00 am
ba da ba ba ba good morning. tragedy in kansas. four dead, 14 injured after a gunman goes on a shooting spree at a factory where he worked. >> everybody was running. people were screaming. people were crying. >> the shooter identified as cedric ford. this morning, police say they know what may have triggered his rampage. texas smackdown. things get ugly at the republican debate, with cruz and rubio taking repeated shots at donald trump. >> if he hadn't had $200,000, would be?


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